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Easing back into it

It's been a busy last couple of months but just recently Daniel and I came back from our trip to Egypt and Dubai. Both places had lots to offer and were very different from one another. I'm hoping to get round to writing a bit about our adventures very soon with a few pictures to go with it sometime this week.

Tomorrow I head back to work at the DET but this time as a full time employee. I've been feeling a little anxious about the position, even though I've been working there as a casual for a year and a half. I'm hoping the nerves stop soon, I do need my sleep! Maybe it's due to the fact that life is moving a little faster these days, with our house edging closer to the finish line this month! We maybe moving in this month too! There's lots of new challenges heading our way but I'm looking forward to it.

It feels a little surreal being back home in Sydney after the holidays of extreme heat in Egypt and Dubai where the temperatures peaked to 50 degree…

My Sign of Commitment

In the last 14 days...I have felt more alive and happier than I have in the last year...or forever for that matter!

I look back at my last post and reflect on the last point

'10. Be happier'
and I've found it...
I found it in Daniel; my fiancé.

Daniel made me the happiest woman of ALL TIME when he proposed to me last Thursday the 7th of January at Sydney Tower's 360 Bar and Dining. It was simply perfect...

Since then I've experienced and shared incredible waves of emotions with family and friends; for the most part they've been tsunamis of happiness!

I've been up...very high up! Up in the clouds...and then I've been down...but still up in the clouds at approx. 30 000 feet high (lame joke...I know). Right now I'm feeling life at it's fullest and it feels amazing! I've managed to control it a bit now which is good! I was starting to look and feel like Mary Poppins!

I broke the great news to family and friends over the first 3 days since the Engagem…

10 for '10: My new years resolutions

It's been ages since my last proper blog almost feels 'alien' typing one up! This blog post is inspired by Cameron Chapman's article titled 10 for ‘10: My New Years Resolutions which got me thinking about my top 10 for '10... I will probably open myself up to some criticism here from the people who know me best but ack...I don't mind! Eeeep! ;)
It's good to have goals they here are my 10 goals which I'm going to slowly ease into...cos' they're big ones! Well...for me at least!
1. Start the day earlierYes, I'm no morning person... I'm getting older and sleeping in really isn't the thing to do. It gives me less time for everything which then leads to endless rushing and running around. I'll eventually run out of puff!
2. Go to bed earlierThis really goes hand-in-hand with resolution number 1. I've been a night owl for as long as I can remember and I want to change that and get some well deserved sleep! More slee…