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Movie reviews

It's been quite some time since my last blog post. In this time I have been quite busy and with one point I was working three jobs. But now it's back to two casual jobs so I have a bit more time on my hands.
Well in the last two weeks I have watched two incredible movies which were not the sort that I would normally buy tickets to. I actually won passes to watch both movies and I'm so glad I did!

The first movie I saw was a documentary called Inside Deep Throat on the hugely contraversial movie of the 1970s, Deep Throat. I pretty much knew what it was going to be about however I haven't watched the original 1970s movie. In this documentary there were interviews that were held with the original actors, director, media and famous adult film workers. They gave accounts of how the film had influenced them personally and what it was like at the time of it's release.
I found it quite fascinating that a movie of this nature would be shown at that time and how it cr…

I am now a freelancer Graphic Designer

I've just recently got my sole trader ABN number and I am now also doing freelance work at David Wheeler's Graphic Designs in St Peters every Friday as an artwork assembler and finisher. Having worked in the educational environment for about a year now I've had to get used to commercial work once again. Having not done much commercial experience up till this point, it has been hard for me to get back into the production line of churning out work at a fast pace. However it's something which I'm sure I'll get used to as the days go along. So far so good at St Peters (although I wish it wasn't that far) and David is happy with the work up to this point even though I've only been there for three days work so far.
I work from the illustrations and layouts that he does in pencil and I turn it into the finished artwork ready for printing.
I am quite amazed how efficiently he works and it's like I'm spoon fed! He hands me the designs or layouts which…

Two wisdom teeth removed

Today I'm recovering over my dental surgery that happened yesterday morning at The Dental Surgery in The Pacific Medical Centre in Blacktown at 9:30am. I had to get two of my wisdom teeth removed on my right side as it was creating a huge ulser and there was no room for the wisdom teeth. I had been putting up with the ulser and pain all weekend. I was extremely nervous sitting in the chair. I had never been to this surgeon (Dr Lipworth) before so that added to my nervousness even though he has been practicing for 18 years. Lucky my dad was there for moral support.
The most painful part of it all was the three needles he used at the start of the procedure. They hurt so bad that I let out a cry at one point. The Dr then started with the procedure with the dental nurse at the ready. I never thought being awake whilst two people operated on my mouth could be so scary! Hell I was shaking with fright the whole time even though I couldn't feel a thing after the needles. If any…

Bondi Tsunami DVD winner

I'd like to announce that I'm a proud winner of a Bondi Tsunami prize pack which I entered about a month ago!!! I'm so happy to be one of the lucky 30 winners. I had to answer ten questions about the movie and fax my entry back to them and keep my fingers crossed. Can't wait to get the prize in the mail! :) To view the winners (including me) you can go here

PDU Graphics Review

On the 21st of June I attended the PDU (Professional Development Unit) Graphics intermediate course on Paint Shop Pro Version 7 (PSP) offered in the university where I work.
Having attended the first workshop called Graphics Fundamentals, I didn’t really learn all that much about the potential of the program so I registered for the next workshop which opened my eyes to what I originally thought was a pretty basic program.
I was quite surprised about some of the features that were available in PSP as I am not familiar with the PSP program. Photoshop is predominately what I work with here in the office.

Firstly, PSP offers the user the option of using vector or raster-based graphics as well as a combination of both in one artwork by letting them choose vector or raster layers. Vector and raster options in PSP make it easier for the user to integrate graphics without having to import their graphics into other programs in order to complete the finished product. However one of the main le…

Pizza Hut

Yesterday I was hysterical when I heard that Pizza Hut are doing what they call The PC game meal deal. You can choose from 3 different games The Sims2, Battlefield 1942 (I think..) and Need for Speed Underground 2 and get a meal deal all for just $39.95!!!!!! YES you heard me $39.95!!!!! If you're a fan of any of these games and haven't got it and you live near a Pizza Hut restaurant you'd be stupid not to get this because you'll be saving about $80!!!! So go on get that meal!! :) I'm getting it today after work and sharing the celebration with Daniel (bf) family!

The Sims2!

This is an update to the Burb family in the Sims 2 who I'm playing god to. I have successfully raised a beautiful intelligent boy named after my other half, Daniel. He has now started school and I got him into a private school along with his sister as well by shmoozing, cooking dinner and giving a tour of our house to the headmaster of the school. I'm thinking of having another child but I've gotta work out how to make the house bigger!
I'll keep you posted
I have recently become a full time supporter to a sydney community station called fbi 94.5 FM who play a fantastic array of music from local artists in Australia as well as from other parts of the world. Check them out at and I urge you to tune into FBI


My favourite site at the moment is Loud


Hello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Eleonor and I am a Graphic Designer at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. I am involved in the Educational Development Centre here at the university and work in designing courseware graphics and animation for teaching purposes. I'll be making posts to share with designers and friends.