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Coldplay light up the Entertainment Centre!

Yesterday night I was dazzled by the spectacular performance of Coldplay live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre! Their show was filled with amazing music accompanied by wonderful surprises, amazing lazer shows and big screen motion graphics; it was more than enough to "ignite your bones". (Coldplay-Fix You)

The support act was from Youth Group (Perth, Australia). I hadn't heard much of their music so I was looking forward to hearing them live for the first time. Youth Group performed brilliantly and their songs are beautiful; the ambience created by the nostalgic-like sounds were magical at times.

Coldplay then kicked off their concert performed Square One from their latest album X & Y which simultaneously featured a huge count down digital ticker on the large screen on stage . The excitement was generated immediately and everyone knew we were going to be in for a great concert!

They played all my favourite tracks, including ones from their second album Rush of Bloo…

Puppetronics Master-David Strassman

Yesterday night I watched the spell-bounding live performance by Puppetry Master David Strassman at the Blacktown Workers Club. It was incredible to watch Strassman have conversations with Chucky, Ted E. Bare and other characters simultaneously! At times he had three-four way conversations!! Amazing! Even in one part where Strassman stuffed up, Chucky was quick to exclaim "You just F*@!ed up your line!" which had Strassman laughing for a while with the audience laughing even harder.

Chucky was very naughty as usual; swearing a lot and picking on people in the audience, so Strassman punished him by putting him in the gay pink naughty chair to which Chucky rebelled against but was put there anyway. Strassman told Chucky that he could easily be replaced. At this point in the show he picked out a man and woman from the audience to help him out on stage. To the audience's surprise he turned them into puppets by placing a mask over their mouths. This mask had a moving mou…

Lucky Bastard

What's that?! :)

Yep, I want to be one of the Lucky Bastards who is offered the chance to travel the world in 55 days and get paid doing it!
Early this morning, I submitted my video for the ultimate experience.
The video is a short black and white, 'Charlie Chaplin-styled', documentary of my trip to the USA to visit mum (late in 2004). This is the first video project I have made and I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to complete it, so I'm hoping that it's a winner! I have some stiff competition though.
For those of you who want to watch it, you can find the video here. You'll need to download the file in order to view it properly.
Any comments about the video are greatly appreciated!

End Of Fashion in Style

On Saturday the 3rd of June I watched one of my favourite bands perform for a recording at Foxtel for CD:Live, End Of Fashion from Perth, Australia. I knew about this all thanks to the band posting up a bulletin on, for the chance to win exclusive tickets to the performance! I brought my cousin Cecile who is also into the band along for the show.
With all the cuts and retakes that television is filled with, End of Fashion did manage to keep their cool and performed brilliantly playing two songs; their latest single release 'The Game' and their first release 'Oh Yeah'. It was their catchy tunes and high energy performance which kept us buzzing with excitement.
It was hard to believe I was one of about 40 people to watch them perform and be interviewed only an arms-length away from them, it was very surreal. Before their interview which was on a massive pink u-shaped couch, I had a small chat to Rodney (back up vocalist and guitarist) after he asked if anyo…