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Eskimo Joe at the Annandale

On Saturday May 13th, Daniel and I checked out the gig by the Perth boys Eskimo Joe at the Annandale Hotel. Having never seen them live or even knowing much of their other songs aside from the ones that have received the most airplay ("From the Sea" and their latest "Black Fingernails, Red Wine") we were hoping for some great tunes and yes they did deliver! :)
I remember the first song I ever heard of Eskimo Joe was when I was back in year 11 (wow that's almost seven years ago!) and I heard "Turn Up Your Stereo". I really took a liking to that song and if I was to hear that song now (instead of back then) and compare it to the songs made recently, I would never have thought it was from the same band. Eskimo Joe have certainly come a long way since then!
Eskimo Joe's support acts were the Offcuts and Red Jezebel(Perth). Their live performance was also quite engaging and I especially liked the unusual but lovely mix of country/alternative/rock and i…

I've expanded my blogging-ness to, although I really just signed up to myspace so I could check out musician/band images and talk directly to them via the messaging board. The only down-side to this site is that you have to do a free register before you can check out anyone's pictures or message them directly and you always have to login to your account in order to do this (a bit of a hassle). So Blogger still kicks ass when it comes to viewing and sharing. Myspace address is

Design News From Eleonor

I've just set up a new blog where I will be publishing the latest on design and e-learning. Read about the exciting new web resource in Quality In Learning and Teaching-QILT from the University of Western Sydney, produced by the Educational Development Centre (EDC) here!

Nickelback Rocks the Superdome

Nickelback banner outside The Superdome

Chad on stage with a massive tv screen in the middle of the stage, which was one of three

The total band on stage

Close-up of The Chad in action

On Saturday the 29th of April, Daniel and I were rocked by Nickelback in concert at the Sydney Superdome!...although much to our disappointment, the fans around us were like zombies in front of a tv at home who couldn't be bothered getting off their asses the whole time!
The concert was awesome and certainly wasn't a reflection of what was happening around us in terms of the unlively "older" fans. It had everything I had come to love from their first concert back in 2004 for their Long Road tour; pyrotechnics, fireworks, explosions and lots of it! The band's ability to entertain the crowd was incredible. Not only did they shoot out freebies to the audience via small hand-held canons but they also did their famous "beer-o'clock" segment! This is where the band in the spac…