Friday, June 29, 2007

Peeping Tom Beat It Up in Sydney!

Last Thursday the 21st of June I had the privilege of witnessing an unbelievable night of hard core, funk, hip-hop, rock and alternative music! With a line up that big you'd think I went to a festival to see a multitude of performers. Ironically that is what Peeping Tom is! Mike Patton's Peeping Tom is made up of an eclectic mix of genres, styles and performers which come together to make music that is captivating, experimental and inspiring to the taste of a diverse range of fans (including myself).

Patton didn't fail to impress the Sydney audience at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia. His remarkable vocal range changes, beat-boxing abilities, experimentation, energetic performance and audience participation had everyone including my friend, Elisa and I in awe and excitement the entire time. There is probably nothing that Patton cannot sing which is what I love. Having grabbed the last two tickets from just a hand-full available from Ticketek the day before his performance, we certainly didn't walk away disappointed (even though we were right at the back in the circle at the top). I was made to feel like I was right down at the foot of the stage with every song and bringing binoculars along brought me down there.

Opening the night was Sydney's Tango Saloon who are also made up of an eclectic mix of talented musicians who delve into experimental forms of Tango music with a 'spin of Spaghetti Western'. This band's ensemble included trumpet, trombone, accordian, drums, double bass, keyboard, guitars, and a multitude of percussion instruments. The absence of a singer didn't take away anything from their performance. Their contemporary spin on traditional tango music really struck a cord which was a complete fusion of various rhythmic styles.

Later Patton and his band of merry men and women comprised of, The Dub Trio, Dan the Automator, DJ Cresp, Imani Coppola, and Butterscotch continued to work up the frenzy and excitement at the Enmore. He never ceased to acknowledge the audience and even the two people that somehow managed to get on stage and stand next to him! About half way through the set audience participation kicked in and Patton had us all theatrically laughing along with him as he built it up into a song lead in. It was funny at the end of the lead up, when he pointed out that he was the only one laughing. This experimentation was amazing and really put a spot light on the extremities of his vocal abilities.

Other special highlights in the set were the individual performances from Butterscotch,DJ Cresp, and The Dub Trio. Butterscotch (West Coast Beatbox Champion 2007) joined Peeping Tom on stage and ripped it up even more after blowing my mind with her beat-box solo. Damn I didn't even know vocals and base tones could come out so seamlessly natural. Watch Butterscotch rip it here.
Having never seen a DJ live, DJ Cresp made his mark by scratching up the DJ tracks to various beats and records.
The Dub Trio brought in the heavy metal and solid rock as they jammed it in their group performance as well.

What a night at the Enmore it was! Adrenalin pumping and exciting! The only thing that dampened the night was the fact I had to work the next day...funnily enough near the Kings Cross area which Patten mentioned before one of his songs. :)

To view pics from the concert visit Triple J's Gallery