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Showing posts from July, 2006

Wolfmother Showdown

Last week I was blown away by the electrifying performance of Sydney rockers, Wolfmother! They'd recently landed back in the land of Oz to do a couple of shows before they head back overseas to the US and Europe.
The sold out concert last Thursday, the 20th of July at The Hordern Pavillion in Sydney opened with two support acts; The Tucker B's (Australia) and Dungen (Sweden). The high theatrical-like drama and energy from the Tucker B's was definately kooky and strange, yet easily fantastical at the same time. Their unique stage presence and belching songs was surreal and impressionable. I then almost lost myself in the psychedelic sounds from Dungen, a band from Sweden. The beautiful sounds that came from the combination of the flute and band instruments were reminiscent of the free love and spirit of the 70s.

The headline performance by Wolfmother was awesome and they looked real good too! :) The Sydney trio really know how to rock the socks off everyone and I was glad…

Lucky Bastards Chosen

A few blog posts back I mentioned a competition that I entered called 'Junior Lucky Bastard'. Today I checked out the 55dsl website and foudn out they'd decided on two winners. Unfortunately I wasn't one but nevertheless, 55dsl made some two very good choices. The winners were Jeremy Angelier (top choice) and Rob Jung (hilariously funny try hard :)). I'll be keeping a look out for the hilarious antics they get up to.

Check out their applications.