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Farewell Spotty, we will never forget you...

Today has been a very sad day for dad, my brother Chris and I, as we said our final goodbye to our beloved dog Spot who has been a huge part of our lives for the past 17 years (c.1990-13/05/07).

Spot began taking medicine for his failing heart at the start of this year, but unfortunately his condition was not curable and his health was rapidly declining. We made the tough decision to end his suffering and took him to the vet today for one last time. Before Spot was laid to sleep, even in the midst of our sadness Spot did manage to make us all laugh when he did a little fart as dad lifted him on the veterinary table. :) Memories such as this and many others we have shared with him over the past years will never be forgotten.

They have been some of the most unforgettable years of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. From the first day we picked him up as a puppy at the beginning of 1990, he made his mark of ownership when he peed on my jumper. He later grew to be a feisty young dog…