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Day 4- Pisco, Peru

Yesterday we met the people in our tour group and funnily enough the majority are from Australia. :) About half Oz, one Japanese, two English, and one Canadan. The majority of the group are quite young with the oldest going to 55years or there abouts. We also met our tour leader Nicolas who has been doing this profession for about 4 months but has been a guide in other things for 4 years. It{s amazing that he's only 22 years old!
Right now we're in Pisco, Peru and relaxing after our bus ride from Lima which was about 4 hours. Our hotel is beautifully furnished and adorned with Peruvian arts and crafts. It's very homely and has a wonderful atmosphere.
Before arriving here though, it was hard to believe that such a nice place could be in the midst of very poor neighbourhoods.
On our way here we passed two funerals which were street funerals; massive crowds follow a car adorned with flowers and the procession is quite amazing. Music is played and from what I saw the people also sang.
After dinner this evening we had the pleasure hearing some wonderful live traditional Peruvian music; music of the Andes. Amazing that such beautiful music can be made with just 4 people. We bought the groups' CD for 20 soles. I can't wait to listen to it when we get back home. If I stumble upon a new computer in a local internet cafe I'm going to try to get it on my iPod! It would be lovely to listen to it when I'm hiking in Macchu Picchu.
Tomorrow morning we're heading to the Ballestos Islands bright and early at 7am so I better go get some rest aye?! Bienos noches till nest time!


Anonymous said…
Hey Bub! Sounds like you're having a great time so far... Not even a week down yet and so much you've experienced... and an Internet Cafe never seems to be too far away!

Thinking of You!
B. Dazzla said…
Yay awesome!

Could you please pass on Happy Father's Day from all of us!

I wonder if it would be illegal to bring home some Mate de Cocoa :)

(Oh and turn on Blogger's word verification feature so you don't get stupid comment spam)
Eleonor said…
Thanks Henry for the heads up on the spam, I´ll do that soon.
Eleonor said…
Hi Bub, Yeah having a great time. Miss you and thinking of you too!
Yeah internet cafes are a plenty here

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